Owner Fees

2024 Fee Structure for Owners

Category Number of Members Amount
A 0-2 $1,071
B 3-6 $1,278
C 7-10 $1,485
D 11-15 $1,717
E 16-20 $1,976
F 21-25 $2,234
G 26-30 $2,492
H 31 or more $2,751
*Number of members refers to the number of members on the locker including the primary

Complete Owner Locker Fees HERE

Renter Fees

2024 Fee Structure for Renters

Category Number of Members Amount
A 1-2 $ 4,250
B 3-6 $ 4,822
C 7-10 $ 5,585
D 11-15 $ 6,347
E 16-20 $ 6,919
F 21-25 $ 7,682
*Number of members refers to the number of members on the locker including the primary renter

Complete Renter Fees HERE

Seasonal Locker Rental Interest

There are usually several lockers available for rent each year for either half of a season or a whole season. Those who have rented lockers historically are given priority as long as they have communicated their interest to the Club per the form below.  Filling out this form does not guarantee a rental locker is available. If lockers are oversubscribed, rental assignments will be made on the basis of 5 consecutive years of rental history.

Locker rental applications are available HERE.

Locker Sales and Purchases

Bowerman’s Beach Club helps to facilitate the buying and selling of lockers.  

 While the Club holds a (discretionary) right of first refusal to purchase lockers sold by owners, we are unaware of a circumstance in which it has done that and, instead, it helps to facilitate the purchase and sale of lockers to other Club members or third parties from the West Falmouth community.  It is important to note that to be a qualified purchaser, a buyer must either own, rent, or regularly occupy a house in West Falmouth within two (2) miles of the Clubhouse. 

 Once the Club connects the seller and buyer, it is expected that they negotiate the terms of the sale including the price and timing of conveyance.

 When the buyer and seller have agreed on a price, the Board then evaluates the pending sale and notifies the seller of any outstanding amounts. All such amounts must be paid prior to the club providing a written waiver of the right to purchase and a form 6(d) confirming that no outstanding fees are owed to the club. It will then be up to the parties to conclude the transaction.

If you are interested in selling or purchasing a locker, please fill out the form below: